I'm composing all kinds of music. あらゆるジャンルの曲を制作しています。

Revive Up, Michinoku – よみがえるみちのく –

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I continue to record my original albums every month.
And I create all kinds of music, design my album artworks.

Nobuya Kobori 4th Album -Revive up, Michinoku-
This Album “Revive up, Michinoku” is composed songs for musical fans of Tohoku region of Japan. All tunes are composed by piano sounds.
I composed music to be particular about the people of Tohoku are having “strength of mind” and “sensitivity”.
And then, I created the design with my father’s oil-painted picture on this album’s artwork. The title of my father’s picture named “Revive up, Michinoku”, therefore I named same title on this album.


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