Hi, I’m Nobuya Kobori. I’m Japanese All Kinds of Music Composer.
I’m Called the Soothing Composer in Japan.

I’m Creating Lyrics, All Kinds of Music, Arrange, Playing Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers, And Singing the various Songs, designing All Graphics and Album Artworks, and so on.
In Additions to, I’m also Promoting Music, And Producing Musicians, Singers.

In the Last Year, I experienced many fails more than everyone. And I experienced many pleasure incidents, thankful presents for many fans.
I was Sometimes Gotten the Injuries, For Examples Neck’s hernia, and Hurting Finger’s and Shoulder’s Nerves.
But I Should Thank for These. I Can Feel This Positive as the Life Experiences.
I must be Learned these Injuries.  I must not Overwork Myself on This Year.

I’m Gratefully for my families and true Friends.

I’m in the My Private Studio because of My Music Tasks.
I record to release on 3 Albums on the longtime.

1) Michinoku Festa
It’s My EDM Songs. Michinoku Means “Western Japan.” There’s My Birthplace.
You Knows, Michinoku “Western Japan”People experienced Earthquake Disasters.
I expressed to Play and Sing , Write the Lyrics for the Life’s Necessary All Over the World.

2) Thank You So Much
It’s My Album as both of the Singer and the Pianist. I’m Challenging My Future.
Honestly, I Have the Dreams that I Compose the Music Changing Many Happiness for Listeners.
I Thank Many People’s Hearts. I Always Feel Your Minds are So Kindness For Me.

3) Eternal Lamplight
It’s Piano Instrumental Album. I Composed to Play for the Families’ and the Lovers’ and the Friends’ Affections.
I’m Arranging Easily when I Play to Record This Album’s Songs.
Therefore You Can Feel to listen its that So Soothing. It is Not Noise Feelings. It’s Soothing Music For Your Sleeps.

Thank You Everyone.
I’m Also Best This Year. I Swear I’ll Act for My Brief for Everyone’s Happiness.

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