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For You

For You

2015年10月15日 発表
For You

Audition 試聴


October, 2015 release
Nobuya Kobori, a synthesizer player and composer, puts his second album on sale. He wrote these tunes with all his heart because he wrote to convey his gratitude to his acquaintances and friends. This album has smoothing tunes, of course. And, it has tunes with a bright or gloomy atmosphere. Like his first album, Dream for Everyone, these tunes are soft and easier, which sooth the souls of people and move them.


Nobuya Kobori(小堀暢也);

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Album Artwork Desingner

Ouma (Tomoko Omata
Album Artwork Painter

  1. 愛 -Affection-
  2. 雨の音色 -Sound of Rain-
  3. 淡い色の光 -The Faint Light-
  4. For You
  5. スローステップ-Step by Step-
  6. 誓いの花 -Pledge-
  7. ひまわりの花 -Sunflower-
  8. 柊の花 -A Flower of the Holly-
  9. 癒し -Comfort-
  10. 決意 -The Intent-
  11. 虹を越えて -Over the Rainbow-
  12. 雪解けの時には -When the Thaw Comes-
  13. ロマンス -Romance-
  14. 木洩れ日 -Sunlight Filtering through Trees-
  15. つばさ -The Wings-
  16. Birth Days
YouTube 試聴 -Audition-

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