I'm composing all kinds of music. あらゆるジャンルの曲を制作しています。


Overview -概要-

Thank you for your visitting.
I am Nobuya Kobori , the composer.

I perform at the making of my music albums of various genres.
I released the album which I produced and sell it by a CD and online music.
You who visit at this site can listen to the music that took in piano music to heal a heart and rhythmical dance music, and various genres.

It is that I assume it a motto.

I aim at the music not to fall into a genre, a model.
I think that I make music that I heal the heart of the person and please you.
I think that what’s called art makes the heart of the person better.

I interchange with people of the world in music and want to walk the good life in music.

Please support me if you are interested in my music activities.







Passion for Music -音楽への思い-

I want to change the heart of the person to the good direction through music activity.

Sometimes I call the people of the seat during a performance live and have you touch the musical instrument individually.
And I have you really go on the stage and touch the musical instrument and play a duet together and act in the same play.
Even if it is the people who have not always touched the musical instrument, I keep it in mind to be able to enjoy it.

In addition, I keep the making of music to draw a motivation and independence toward the player and the singer in mind once.
I draw the power of the artist individual and am particular about the making of music to be able to give pleasure, aggressiveness, the spirit of self-advancement.

I continue to please a person in music. For both myself and the people concerned with, I continue activity to do the life wealthily.





All Kinds of Music Composer Nobuya Kobori Connect the Hearts All Over the World Musician.

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第16回 FMラジオ番組 「音楽三昧、芸術三昧」 2019年1月18日夕方6時 放送開始

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Nobuya Kobori -Sampo Girls- Music Video

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Nobuya Kobori -Fueda Chihiro-

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Nobuya Kobori Profile


Nobuya Kobori play the synthesizers and PCDJ contorollers.He has composed at least more than 300 songs.In addition to it,he can make music of various genres to suit different needs. Sometimes delicate,and sometimes dynamic... His music has the power to appeal to the hearts of people.

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