I want to compose music more better than the few past works.

You know, I compose to play by the Instrumental keyboards and Computer Music Softwares.

I hope you to present these music. To tell the truth, I cannot wait myself.

I compose 5 music albums now. And 3 albums within its are that I couldn’t promise to do my own in the past. I couldn’t release on every month. But I almost recorded these songs already.

I always apologize you for waiting. But I never forget my promise.

Now I’m re-recording and fixing sounds on new 3 albums. And later, I’ll record new 2 albums.

New 3 albums will be able to appear a few days. I tell you if I’ll finish.

And I’ll be able to give you several music versions as bonus tracks.

For example, I can contract with other countries labels etc…


Thank you so much. I’m bearing  up well.










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