I’ll rely on also others.


Hi, I’m Nobuya Kobori.

I took a photo by iPhone yesterday in the morning . To tell the truth, my age is near 40. I feel myself my face as a childishness man. It’s too shyly…

Then, I’m always searching the hidden talented musicians all over the world. And I begging them relationship supporting each other. If they’re not agree with  my thoughts and relying as works , it’s mustn’t to use force. But if my plans are understood them, I hope that we’ll be able to contact.

My music works are not taking the ways depending on marketing or something to especially organizations.
On the other hand, we are relying on our directly fans and supporters.
Therefore, I plan we can create and enjoy our music with all our fans and supporters.

I’ll write my plans in this blog sometimes.

Almost my composing music is not having the neighboring rights. And I shouldn’t take using payments  like as Creative Commons as possible.Of course, I’m sometimes contacting with the lawyers, and we always be prepared for if it comes to crunch.But I can’t think the best thing that all the times  I have to occupy my all rights for only myself. Therefore, you haven’t to be mind using , recording or playing my composing music if it’s not illegal and show my name “Nobuya Kobori” in the credits.
I recognize that I always write difficulty letters.
Then, thank you for your reading till the finish.








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