I want to…


I want to establish the work spaces for the people all over the world.
Because when I was 3 years ago, I I had a taste of humiliation.
That is happened by Japanese Doctors lies. To tell the truth, when I was young, I took the many medicines by doctors in spite of not need. Therefore I sometimes don’t feel well by my chest feels tight. because it’s having harmful side effects.
I want that I’ll be more stronger for me and the others now.
I know that living is so necesary.
I know that we should not be blame on the others. For example, illness or injury people, and different skins and females or males, and so on. And I also should not be protected for that. That’s not love, and I feel like the birds in the cage.

I want to be lived for the rights.
I want to be lived humanity. I want to live freely.
And I believe that we almost will be able to live in acceptable each other.
I want to work with the persons with prizing the hearts that we want to live for each other.



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