I'm composing all kinds of music. あらゆるジャンルの曲を制作しています。

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EDM & Pop Music Albums -ダンスミュージックアルバム-

I’m composing music of EDM (Elecric Dance Music) & Pop Music on the name of Nobuya Kobori.

Now, I’m producing a planned album music to release.
EDM(Elecric Dance Music)の音源を小堀暢也の名義で制作をしています。


currently being prepared… 準備中の作品

Michinoku Festa

Now Recording…

Blue Sky -A・O・Z・O・R・A-

Blue Sky

Funny Ghost

Bijoubu -美丈夫-


* These Artworks are a possibility that it will change in the future.

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All Kinds of Music Composer Nobuya Kobori Connect the Hearts All Over the World Musician.

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第16回 FMラジオ番組 「音楽三昧、芸術三昧」 2019年1月18日夕方6時 放送開始

Nobuya Kobori -Calm Dawn- Music Video

Nobuya Kobori -For Hisashi & Kafumi- Music Video

Nobuya Kobori -Sampo Girls- Music Video

Nobuya Kobori -Racing Cars-

Nobuya Kobori -Affection-

Nobuya Kobori -Fueda Chihiro-

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Nobuya Kobori Profile


Nobuya Kobori play the synthesizers and PCDJ contorollers.He has composed at least more than 300 songs.In addition to it,he can make music of various genres to suit different needs. Sometimes delicate,and sometimes dynamic... His music has the power to appeal to the hearts of people.

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